New North a registered brand under Inchtape Lifestyle (opc) private limited  is making it possible for customers around the world to express themselves through fashion and design, and to choose a more sustainable lifestyle. We create value for people and society in general by delivering our customer offering and by developing with a focus on sustainable and profitable growth. 

Our Values

Individually, our values may seem obvious. But put them together and our unique company culture is born. Our values are part of who we are, what we stand for and how we act.


We are one team

Our workplace is inclusive, and respectful.
We encourage and help each other to win together.
We see the big picture and collaborate across boundaries, sharing our skills and knowledge in the best interests of our company to create unbeatable customer value.

We believe in people

We are the best we can be and bring out the best in everyone and the business.
We empower and trust others to take ownership and embrace diverse perspectives. We listen to and learn from our colleagues.


We are entrepreneurs

We have a strong business mindset.
We are curious and creative and take every opportunity to adapt to ever changing customer needs. Our innovative and flexible approach delivers the best customer offer and experience.


We keep it simple

We aim for simplicity and go straight to the point because clarity helps us focus on what matters. We don’t overcomplicate so we can be clear and efficient.
Less really is more.